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Course Outlines [Training Modules]

HQMT Advantage

We Conduct A 24-Week Comprehensive Training According to AAMT COMPRO Guidelines

A) Pre-Transcription Training (PTT) – 2 weeks

1) Hands-on training on computers basics, word processing, basic keyboard operating, medical transcription software, etc.

2) Keyboard Kinetics - With our exclusive and customized keyboard spelling tutor that is especially designed to make keyboarding easy for complex medical terminology, drugs, Americanism terms, difficult English terms, etc. No need to memorize laks of terminology, just practicing them with our software makes it type faster and better at 100 lines/hour. This also avoids spelling/typo errors during live job transcription and is essential for achieving 98% and more accuracy.

3) Perfecting Pronunciation: Doctors in US are not only native American speakers, but they are also from different 80 countries which makes transcription a complicated and tough profession. Learning medical terminology, English words, and Americanism in original American accent, mixed accent, and foreign accents is very crucial for successful MT carrier. We have also developed highly interactive American accent tutor and applied phonetics tutor. Tuning our ears to different American accents before beginning to transcribe real medical reports is real mantra to become highly successful medial language specialist.

4) Vocabulary Training: For building up general, medical, and American English vocabulary by interactive vocabulary tutors, videos, audios, quizzes, puzzles, crosswords, etc.

B) Beginners Medical Transcription (BMT) – 6 weeks.

Theory: Basic English language, Medical Terminology, Language of Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, How Body Systems Works, Americanism, Colloquial Phrases, Slangs, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, etc. Tutorials by popular American narrator Ms. Corinne Vahanian with more than 20 years of teaching experience by proven teaching methods like color/flash/slash techniques and live demo with anatomic models. This also includes AAMT style guide and learning basics of various medical reports.

Practicals: Practicing authenticated doctors dictations (voice files) for BMT files from top US training centers.

C) Intermediate Medical Transcription (IMT) - 6 weeks
Theory: AAMT Book of Style, Pharmacology, and Multi-Specialty words and phrases from original medical reports. Step by step learning in standard phrases and terms that appear frequently in medical reports.

Practicals: Intermediate dictation files from all body systems including orthopedic and ophthalmology.

D) Advanced Medical Transcription (AMT) Including Operative Report Training – 4 weeks.

Here you will learn challenging dictations from original, mixed, and foreign accent dictators with background noise, mushy mouth, and real distractions. This will prepare you for the challenges of live job transcription in production.

Our exclusive operative reports training includes anatomy, basics of OT, introduction to operating reports, practicing surgical terminology by hearing and spelling, practicing standard phrases that doctors dictate frequently in operative reports. You will learn all these by multimedia animations, operative videos, demonstration by surgeons, interactive surgical terminology tutor, etc.

E) Production Simulated MedTrans Live Job (OJT) and Instant Text Training – 4 weeks

Here you will be transcribing live jobs from different specialties under production pressures like meeting daily line counts, achieving accuracy, meeting TAT deadlines, etc.
You will be guided by one-to-one personal live job trainers (who are also successful MTs/editors themselves) from top US based MNC companies. They will share the real challenges faced by them during live job transcription and step-by-step problem-solving skills to succeed. You will be also trained in the art of research, referencing, and documentation and working independently to achieve 95% to 98% accuracy.

Instant Text (shorthand) Training: You do not to have type everything manually which is time consuming and cumbersome. You will be thought in detail about learning IT software step by step and creating, managing, and using IT glossaries (codes with expansions) effectively. With IT, you will enjoy transcription by using codes to type, transcribe more lines (you can double or triple your lines counts), and achieve quality which means you can earn up to 300% more income with IT software. You will be also given hard-to-find 300,000 ready-to use glossaries FREE of cost after completion of training.

F) Editing and Proofreading Training – 2 weeks.

Today, companies are looking for quality MTs, not just MTs. To work as home transcriptionist, you need to work independently, work under time constraints, and achieve 95% quality standards set by HT companies. To achieve this, you need to proofread and edit your own transcribed reports to bring up the accuracy levels. This is possible with our real-time editing and proofreading training that makes you a perfect MT.

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